Amdanom ni

At Old Oak Dental Practice we are committed to all the preventative aspects of dentistry. This is where our team works closely with yourself to avoid the need for, in most cases, preventable treatments such as fillings. This is achieved through regular visits to our dental hygienist and aims to tackle the cause of these problems, so that if you follow the advice given further treatment is prevented.

However, should you require any treatment, the practice has invested heavily in the most up-to-date dental equipment to provide the latest dental treatments from aesthetic white fillings (in both front and back teeth), to using the latest nickel-titanium root canal treatment files and digital x-ray equipment.

We are also able to perform several elective cosmetic treatments at the practice including tooth whitening, invisible braces, replacing old metal fillings with white fillings, replacing old metal fillings with ceramic inlays (highly aesthetic), ceramic veneers / ceramic crowns and bridges (often able to replace existing removable dentures).