Simple Smile - Labial Bracers

Labial Braces

Why Choose Labial Braces?

Labial braces (Simply Smile®) are specifically designed to straighten your front six teeth. Rather than treat how your back teeth bite together we focus on improving your smile.

Simply Smile

How does it work?

Labial braces exert light forces onto your teeth to gently encourage them into their new positions and uses a series of traditional and modified techniques using new strong resistant materials

Am I Suitable?

Due to the discreet appearance and shorter treatment times of the braces, this technique has become popular with adults and people working in the public eye as it does not interfere with their work or socialising.

We have treated many cases where patients main concerns were:

  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Alignment of the gum line
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Correcting flared teeth
  • Complexity of treatment

How much do they cost?

Treatment fees are determined by your dentist after assessment, but if your teeth only need minor corrections, prices could even start as low as £1,950.

Need more information?

Why not book a consultation with one of our approved providers of Secret Smile, where one of our specially trained dentists will be able to listen to your concerns about your teeth and assess you for suitability.